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Notes: One of the few soundboard recordings available for open trade - technicall not really a SBD in the case of a Tool SBD but a rare FM broadcast. Rare in regards that Tool simply does not or did not do many radio performances. However, the broadcast may not be the entire set by Tool. It is incomplete. Nonetheless, this is very, very cool & an updated recording reportedly came out in late 2003; that version was not broadcasted on the radio like the majority of copies floating around in trade are.  As such, there are different versions with different track times & disc times. This was also released on MP3 a while back - recommend keeping rack of where your recording came from, if at all possible. . Also, has a DJ-woman speaking in Dutch after the first two tracks; then a cut as her part was cut....which makes me wonder if the guy who taped this off the radio kept the entire set, with commentary, I doubt that more of this show was broadcasted, am certain it was fully taped. Maybe one day we will know. Until then, interesting recording, the sound quality is just amazing. Definitely worth tracking down. There are some people that tell me that most AUD recordings are better quality than SBDs. As much as I enjoy the sound of a decent AUD recording, hearing SBD stuff is just a different experience & is a way for the listener to hear the music any real interruptions. But, to each his own - I would recommend this recording.
Notes: by - Ryan A: A rare FM broadcast of an early festival performance in Holland. Honestly, I just don't think they had the foresight or clout enough to bar this station from taping/broadcasting their performance, or else they would have. Good for us: Now we have part of their set that day!
Typical excellent FM sound. But (and this is a big but): while Tool is scorching their way through Bottom, right at the the climax toward the end of the song ("Hatred keeps me alive ..."), the DJ cuts in, talks over the song, and goes to commercial! AHHHHH! Horrendous. This could have been one of the classic performances of Bottom ever (MJ's voice was soaring this day), with stellar sound, but instead - ruined. This is yet another reason why Tool should not be played on the radio




Time: 26:17


Prison Sex