Professional Recording - MTV "Head Banger's Ball",  Europe
Source: TV > 3rd Gen VHS > CD (transfer by Galen)
Source: VHS > DVD (from my VHS)
Image from DVD: Here

Notes: The sound & picture do quite a bit of jumping around, unfortunately. Have a feeling that the folks I received this item from had a bit of trouble with the PAL>NTSC-VHS transfer itself. The taper in question retired a few years ago. As it is, this is actually a relatively rare item. If  you can overlook the issues associated with peaks in audio, then you will witness a rather interesting interview of MJK with a rather clueless MTV reporter. For those that are interested in the lachrymology of  Tool & a complete line of 'bullshit' will definitely want to check this out.  Seems rather talkative but also answers the questions in a relatively condescending manner. Classic. The host is the -classic- early '90's 'cool' woman VJ -- right up to the grunge clothing style. During the interview, Mr. Keenan was dressed in a sweatshirt whereas during the brief live shots on stage Maynard, in contrast, resembles a mental institution escapee from somewhere outside of Traverse City, MI, USA. MJK is  sporting both a Mohawk & orange body-suit. How odd. Most importantly, there is a clip of "Bottom" from the Paradiso Festival - a pro shot. Which means, there is a complete recording, professional SBD audio + video out there somewhere. Imagine.
Notes: The DVD of this has 04.20.02 1G>DVD on it as well.

Maynardism: "We weren't really in the whole glam scene or anything like that..."




Time: 11:46