Source B:
Analog --- Sony ECM-DS10P > Sony WM-D3
Lineage/Transfer:  1st Gen (Denon DRM-740 + analog cable) > wav (SoundForge 6.0) > flac8 > Torrented 2008
Taper: Unknown
MP3 Sample:
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Notes: Surprisingly, this recording was torrented 14 years after the fact, 2008 for those not in school, and was in and of itself, a brand new source that no one had heard of. Kind of out of the blue; can show you that you never really know what is or what is not out there. Now, this recording is definitely a treat to listen too, if you have heard everything else, but it is not w/o it's flaws.. but sometimes the flaws are the strengths? Think about it. The recording is very heavy on the left side; one could argue that is because the microphone used to record this show looks a little bit like Jar Jar Binks - picture a "T" w/the L+R at each side of the tee.  That's the bad, the good pertains to the fact that it seems like the taper simply set the microphone + recorder in one place & just did not touch it. That said, there is a little bit of crowd noise but it's not that big of a deal to be honest, it is distant. I suppose that if someone were really industrious they would correct the volume difference between the L+R channels but then again that would corrupt the actual recording. If anyone were to correct it, probably should have been the taper. Speaking of that, thanks - whoever you are. On a more technical note; I do believe/am sure that the tape speed is ever so slightly off-kilter s-l-o-w as Tool are playing just a wee bit slow. If this were Amsterdam instead of Lyon I would understand but, alas, that is not the case. For those paying attention, the extra ~3 minutes from this source to source a pertain to crowd noise sans performance of the band.

Time: 65:50


Paul: "Hi fags."
MJK: "Hey! Jim, scotch and water. Jim. Scotch and water."

Cold and Ugly

Paul: "Welcome to sound check. Yeah ok."
MJK: "It's Skip's birthday today. If you, uh, if you know any gay men that would like to go out with Skip tonight."


Paul: "Thank you."
MJK: "I'd like to dedicate this set to our friend Greg back here who is having a difficult time with his hemorrhoids. This song is called Undertow."


MJK: "You guys go outside and fight it out."
Paul: "This is a Beatles cover song. It's called Sober."



MJK: "Hey now. This is uh, this is a love song."

Prison Sex


MJK: "This may take a second. There's something on my mind that I need to share with you. It's very important that I have your support with this. You ready? First of all, [gibberish]. Are you with me? Secondly, [gibberish]. And finally, [gibberish]. Are you with me?"

Paul: "Yeah."

MJK: "This is uh, a song about butt fucking."

4 Degrees


MJK: "Shhhh. Shhhh. Shhhh."



Paul: "This song is dedicated to Greg's hemorrhoid 'Pierre.' It's called Bottom."

MJK: "Happy birthday Skip, I hope you get your man. Whaddya looking at?"