DAT --- Aiwa CM-30 > Sony TCD-D7 > Analog > Maxell cassette
DAT:    ANA-1 > DAT-1 @ 48 khz
CD:      DAT-M > ANA-1 > 2G CD (2003 transfer by Per)
Taper: S.D.
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The above lineage info may be a little bit confusing. Basically, there is not. in existence, a DAT recording of this show. It was erased by the taper in 1993 so he could re-use the DAT tape. Recycling works! Before he erased the recording/re-used the DAT tape, he transferred the DAT to Maxell cassette via an analog line. Per CLS transferred the cassettes to DAT in 2003.
Very nice recording. Like almost all the France 93 recordings, this is a good, solid piece of evidence that gives insight into how much energy Tool has in performance. It's insane, at least a little bit of it is. Although, nothing really sticks out, as far as uniqueness is concerned, it is a nice listen. A nice little addition to the family of trades, as it were. During Intolerance, it sounds as though a chunk of maybe 10 seconds was gone, for some reason. This is common in all known CD copies. Speaking of which, there are numerous different rips of this show from cassettes and DAT tapes over a span of time. So, beware - some audio rips are better than others. Below, at the time, are the 2 most common & good quality disc times/rips. Oh, and if you listen closely, you can hear a classic Bob Marley tune, just as Tool comes onto stage.
Notes: by - Ryan A: Maynard introduces the second song: “this the title track to our new album, Undertow.” The crowd reaction? Silence. Birds chirping.  This is followed of course by a blistering version of said song as an in-your-face. It’s strange to go to a Tool show now in a 20,000 seat arena then come home and listen to Tool play a small club to apathetic European audiences in 1993. But this is how Tool built their name and reputation. One song at a time. Winning over a few fans at a time with intense live performances, so that at the end of the show the majority of the crowd couldn’t help to be impressed and interested. And this show is just another in a long line of those. Maynard is in such fine form tonight, haunting and intense. There aren’t but maybe a handful of Undertow shows where he sounds more powerful. The band has great control of the dynamics in Crawl Away, carrying it from a whisper to all-out pounding riffage. This is a show for Paul fans. His bass is relatively strong in the mix from the beginning. But suddenly it gets turned up dramatically during Prison Sex and continues to the end of the show. The result is a crawling, chomping mass of a sound. I love it.
   The recording is another good one from Stephane. Very band-focused. But the cassette lineage does have a noticeable effect on the sound – dampening the highs, muddying the lows and putting a layer of hiss underneath the sound. The performance more than makes up for it




2003 Transfer Time: 44:40
Time: 44:37



MJK: "Hi. We're Tool. We're from Los Angeles, California. And we're here to be very loud, and very obnoxious,

and very unforgiving. We invite you to join us. This is the title song from our newest release  called Undertow."


Paul: "This song is called Sober."

Crawl Away

MJK: "This is called Prison Sex. It goes out to you."

Prison Sex

MJK: "This is our last song. Thank you for your patience."
Paul: "Bye."