Analog --- Aiwa CM-30 > Toshiba Walkman
Taper:   Bubzdaddy
Gen:      2nd from Master
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Notes: Starting off with a radio announcer from 89X, a local Detroit radio station, hyping up the audience for Tool. Right away you can tell that the recording is chock full of crowd noise, the taper does talk & scream in a few instances + his friends chat a bit, microphone movement and wind noise. The taper even blows in the microphones. However, the audio is not all that bad if you really listen to it even when considering the aforementioned negative issues. Before Bottom, the taper moves a bit closer to the speakers and the sound comes rather close to brick-walling almost all the way through. Distorted. It is not terrible though, rather interesting. There seems to be a bit of tape warble or fluctuation that may be a result of the approximate 11 years of not being on CD. Not sure. Up until that time this recording was rather rare. It could be said that the collector would find true value in this recording whereas the casual listener or collector will probably say f-it & never listen to this. I have a personal connection to this gig, I was here... well, I was outside the gates with my father as we did not have tickets. I did hear a portion of this performance but would hardly consider it my first live experience with Tool, that was something that happened later. Tool was on this evening as well, this is evidenced by the rather interesting Lollapalooza setlist. Performance is as good as you would expect from this era; tight / meticulous but yet somehow quite relaxed while out to prove something. Prove what? Why are you reading this writing over 11 years after the fact?

Maynardism: "This next song, this is called Sober. It goes out to Chris Ewald, not to you."
Maynardism: "This is a love song, called Prison Sex."
Maynardism: "We have a mission... that's to make this world a better place to live in. That involves a little bit of forgiveness, wouldn't you say? So what I would like, for all of you hacky sack-playing-stinky-fucking-Guatemalan-prim-hippies to turn to you testosterone-ridden-jocks-with-punk-rock-haircuts and you impotent-MTV-watching-biscuit-heads --- give each other a big sloppy kiss & say, "I forgive you for being a fucking idiot. Just a thought"
Maynardism: "This is another song - no, really."





Time: 45:11

Prison Sex