Unknown Analog, Unknown Generation (cassette)
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Notes: Just to clear up confusion that many collectors have had: this is not a recording by S.D, taper of many classic performances both in France & abroad. The equipment used, most likely a cassette with some ECM Sony microphones of some kind, was not exceptional. This recording is definitely better than nothing at all + it is fairly entertaining to listen to.  For one, the performance is quite strong. For those people that may have noticed that, over the course of many gigs, Paul & Maynard's personalities clashed. There was tension there. This seems to be the case
oat this gig. Paul acted a bit more cocky than normal to the crowd this night. The tone when Maynard would answer back was rather curse. T-e-n-s-i-o-n. The band still played enthusiastically and there is slightly a different energy this night. Sort of like, although they may be sort of sick of playing the same songs, they are still not letting the audience know that. Interesting, in 2001, it seems that they did not really mind much about repeating songs either... AND.... As a final note for this recording in regards to Maynard & Paul, listen to the
10.22.93 recording...they interrupt each other a couple times & seem to be getting a little pissed.
Notes - by: Ryan A: Another Fishbone opener. Fiiiiishhhhbooooone. It's some kind of analogue recording here. Not so good, but listenable. Apparently it was time to drive the hell out these songs. Fast fast, from Intolerance to Bottom. Especially Undertow, where the ending feels like a speed metal song. Fun stuff, but there are many better Undertow gigs. Oh and the crowd incessantly shriek whistles between songs. As in LOUD! Goddamn my fucking eardrums. Don't they know that people are trying to tape this show, and that there is someone who will be listening to it 13 years later who would just like some peace and quiet between songs!?

Time: 53:06

Setlist / Quote:

 Part of Me

Paul: "Hey ahhh. Uh! How's it going? So how many people here really like to suck cock? Hey yeah!"
MJK: "Heyyyyyeeaaahh NO!"
Paul: "Suckus cockus."


Paul: "Wake up! You sleeping?"
MJK: "Keep the lights down."
Paul: "This song is .. is for the amazing John Tucker - right back there."

Crawl Away
Prison Sex

MJK: "Ladies and gentlemen, miros del silencia. Just kidding. It's not platinum, we suck."

Swamp Song

Paul: "Somebody open a fucking window it's hot as hell in here. Open the fucking door!"
MJK: "This is it then we're done. Fishbone up next, don't go away. Fishhhboone. Fishhhboone."