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Notes: Excellent recording - it amazes me how such basic source info is able to deliver such stellar gems. Wow. There is a different version that is TAO so be careful...this recording source is the complete version and was transferred from the master in 2002, this is obviously disc at once w/no known errors. However, there are other/various rips out there so be careful & knowledgeable about where you get your copy from. Just like used car salesman - Tool traders can be pretty slippery. If you know what I mean. To me, Tool's performance was very intense this night even though they do not seem to be really enjoying this night as much as others, I think. They sort of rushed through the set & just got it done - went back to the hotel or bus, snort some lines of coke off of David Lee Roth's ass-crack, have sex with groupie-midgets and then wake up at 4:30pm the next night to go do it again. I have seen the pictures & they are -not- pretty... except for the one with the Hilton sisters, that was a-ok.
Notes: by - Ryan A: Danny begins Intolerance with a slow count of 4 and keeps the band in a restrained and heavy tempo throughout the show, picking up only briefly at the end of Undertow. The band settles into this groove well without rushing, waiting the correct amount of time in breaks - magnifying their silence even more. This is a sign of a band that is maturing in their live performances. The guys are not aggressive tonight, and seem to be in more of a reflective mood. A rarity for '92 - '93 performances. That isn't to say MJ's screams are not powerful. Hardly. Flood is heavy as hell and the highlight of the night. It is a nice recording by SD, but not his best. MJ is a bit distant in the mix, but the rest of the instruments are balanced nicely. The low end is a little muddy though. EQ it out and you have a solid sound. This isn't a particularly inspiring performance, but all of these Undertow shows are great so you will enjoy it

Time: 48:10

Setlist / Quote:


Paul: "Hi. In case you didn't know, we're Tool. [inaudible mumbling]"
MJK: "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."


Paul: "This song is called Sober."
MJK: "Sober. You deaf?"


MJK: "This one ... this one goes out to my new scorpion friend. It's called Prison Sex."

Prison Sex
Swamp Song

Paul: "Shhh"