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Very interesting recording. There seems to be 2 common versions of this source. One has a lot of tape hiss + an extra song "Crawl Away" from an unverified date & the other seems to be from a low generation source & has just the performance from this date. Thus the explanation for 2 disc times. Although there is a layer of crowd talking coats the recording, there are many tapers 'these days' that can get as good a recording from their equipment. Tool is very -on- as well, it seems that they were like, 'well - we really only may get one chance to play in front of a crowd so lets give it everything we have. This is a stage when they really had something to prove to the American audiences. Very nice capture of that fact... I find the most interesting aspect of this recording is that 1960's acid-guru Dr. Timothy Leary walks onto stage with them & speaks before Swamp Song. This recording is not rare nor is it exceptional. Definitely this is a good recording to enjoy but is not exceptional by default. One thing that I find interesting is how this recording ended up on the "Sober" bootleg recording. Interesting. I wonder if this is the product of the taper of 06.23.93? one thing to realize it that there are numerous different rips of this recording floating around from either bootleg recordings or MP3 or bad CD burns. Watch out.
Notes: by - Ryan A: This is one of the better early Tool recordings, and is taken from an old boot entitled 'Sober '93.' It's surprisingly good for a Lolla '93 recording. Sharp sound with a full bottom end. There's quite a bit of crowd though. On the upside, it's interesting to hear the comments on a relatively unknown band. Always the asshole who yells 'Freebird' though. It is a scorching Lollapalooza / Undertow performance. And Timothy Leary even makes a stage appearance and introduces them as the band of the next decade! More on the recording source: there are 2 shows on the Sober '93 boot, this one and 4.19.93 Santa Clara. They were later split apart on separate discs to more accurately identify them when trading around. Galen's hissy source has Crawl Away tacked onto the end. My source, with a disc time of 45:23 and minimal analogue hiss, has Sweat tacked onto the end. I have to assume the songs at the end are from 4.19.93, but I'm not sure. Point is, there is a variety of versions out there. Just be sure to get a clean burn and non-mp3 source

Learyism: "This is the band of the next decade." -  Dr. Timothy Leary

Minimal amount of analog hiss
41:08, 45:23 (with Sweat from a different show tacked on the end)

Fair amount of analog hiss
45:30 (with Crawl Away from a different show tacked on the end)




Paul: "This is called Sober."



Paul: "You know what I think? Do you care what I think? Probably not but I'm going to tell you. You know what

I think alternative music is? Jocks with punk rock haircuts."

MJK: "What a minute, that's me."

Crawl Away


MJK: "Sorry, Prison Sex is tomorrow. You'll have to pay 30 dollars to hear that one. On your way out,

pick up a 23 dollar t-shirt. Some of you may recall a man named Timothy Leary. He's now our percussionist."

Timothy Leary: "This is the band of the next decade!"

Swamp Song


MJK: "Mehhh." (as in the sound of a sheep)




MJK: "This is our last song. And don't forget to check out Fishbone next. They're starting probably any

minute now. If you come tomorrow, come late so you miss Rage Against the Machine. hehe."



MJK: "See ya."