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Notes: Very tasty recording. Sound is full, crisp & is in your face - not a hint of any sort of brickwall or technical issue. not bad for pretty cheap microphones, eh? The performance itself is good but this is a rather basic setlist for this era of touring, with the exception of the addition of Part of Me & Bottom as the 3rd song, Crawl Away in-between Sober & Prison Sex & Swamp Song as the 2nd to last tune --  oh wait, this isn't very predictable now is it? Fantastic setlist order, IMO. Maybe it is just me, but I really cannot shake the feeling that Tool are simply getting tired of touring at this point. Maybe a lack of energy is an efficient answer.... However, this is just my opinion. It always is interesting to hear a show from early in their evolution. A question is posed in my mind: just how are they this good, this early on in their career? And how did such a nice recording surface of this good performance?
Notes - by: Ryan A: The setlist is a little screwy tonight. Undertow comes toward the end, Bottom toward the beginning, Sober is second, and no Intolerance. The tempo is excruciatingly slow and heavy. Love it. It’s amazing how a subtle change in tempo allows you to experience different moods from a song, and learn more about it. They did rev it up to album speed for Bottom though. I’ll never get tired of hearing this song. Especially live, especially in 1993, and especially in France with Angelo Moore delivering the ultimate supercool spoken word on a semi-nightly basis. Read and enjoy another one below. Maynard’s voice is a little worn tonight. It’s only noticeable on some of the more aggressive, higher notes. And a slightly blown MJ voice in 1993 is at least five times better than his best night in 2001 – 2006

Spoken Word on Bottom

by Angelo Moore of Fishbone

"My head is on fire and so are my feet
I can't fuckin' think
From needles and pins that stick in my skin
Don't YELL at me bitch or make me feel small
I'm hangin' by a thread and I'll bite off your head

and that's not all ...
My close friends went crazy and I feel like I'm next
My mom wants to talk to me

about going to the hall in the church
I love you god but my head really hurts
When the phone rings it feels like an ice pick

in my temple had to jump in my ear
Oh no the popcorn is here
I gave my mechanic my car, my money six months ago
I paid a lot of money that fucker's too slow
I sit in the corner and try to manifest my thoughts
But they're stuck and caught like a blood clot
They're stuck and caught like a blood clot
I repeat myself like a broken record sometimes

The FBI's lookin' for my friend
I got love for my homie,

I don't wanna see him taken in.
I'm ready to explode from a garbage build over
I cannot wait to hit the road

just so I can use the hobo axe to release commode
All I wanna do is float on a cloud

and scream to the top of my lungs ...

If I help myself I know you'll do the rest
This is only a test
Remove me from this society's line
Decrease my heading migraine
Replace the pain with sugarcane
Replace the pain with sugarcane
Replace the pain with sugarcane"

Time: 45:10

Setlist / Quote:

 Part of Me

Paul: “Hi. We’re Tool. This song’s called Sober.”


Maynard: “Hi. We’re Tool. We’re from Los Angeles, California. And with any luck we’ll be back there at the end of October. The opening band was Subliminal Islam. There has been an escaped lunatic from the local asylum. If anybody sees him he’s wearing a yellow mask, running around in his underwear. You should turn him into the authorities please.”



Maynard: “This is a love song. It’s called Crawl Away.”


Crawl Away
Prison Sex


Maynard: “This is the, uh, this is the title track to our latest release. It’s called Undertow.”


Maynard: “This is our last song. Then Fishbone’s up next. Fiiiishbooone.”
Paul: “This song is called Opiate. Hi Sabina.”
Maynard: “Dan’s girlfriend’s here.”