Unknown Recording Equipment
DVD / VHS --> Goldwave --> .WAV --> NERO --> CD ((Mastered to CD by Galen in 1998))
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Notes: A fair amount of tape hiss accompanies this recording. It could be much worse, especially since this recording was transferred from PAL format to US NTSC format in order for traders to watch a recording. The camera is from inside the mosh-pit in a rather small location, maybe 500 max of people in the venue at any given time. The club looks literally like a small club with some rowdy Brits having a good time. The band performed very tight but the recording is simply not tight, it is very amateurish and is shaky. However, decent 1992 videos are sort of rare of Tool and this is a good enough capture as anything for the time period. As it is, I would recommend this to anyone who Tool is strong & deliver their product very nicely this night. This may be a bit more for the collector's than anything else though.

Time: 35:56



(cut-fade in-7/8 missing)

Prison Sex
Swamp Song