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Notes: Very clear sounding gig. Well balanced, band is tight. Superb, really. This version is an alternate to the first I had; which had the cutting cut out between tracks. So, watch out for different versions floating around as they are not complete like this is. You also get a little taste of the music that came on before Tool took stage...which is always a little interesting. At the beginning, you can hear odd dance house-music as Adam's guitar floats of the PA. The dance-groove slowly fades away as a little known but nonetheless extremely loud band arrives on stage to basically kick-some ass. Simple as that. This is one of my favorite performances for a few reasons... none of which I will relay here. For some reason, this gig sort of makes me take a step back & think, huh, so this is what it must have been like? At this time, really, Tool was just another up-and-coming heavy band that was riding on the coat-tails of L.A. glam-metal + the birth of the Seattle grunge scene. This band just did not fit the mold, they were in the process of creating there own one. And this recording is testament to that.

"This is the title track from out latest release called Undertow. If you're not familiar who we are we are called Tool, from Los Angeles, CA."

Time: 43:01


Crawl Away
Prison Sex