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Notes - by: Galen: Not as clear as this taper's other recordings -a certain swish with the cymbals- maybe partly due of it being transferred to cassette so the master could use the DAT again. The taper seemed to farther away from the speakers than in many of his other recordings though. Do not get me wrong, this is one rock-solid taping job but is still not of the quality that S.D.'s other works seem to be at. There are other audio extractions of this recording floating around, some are incomplete with Bottom missing, for some reason which have, obviously, different disc times - which lead us to the conclusion that theere are other rips out there, most likely from cassettes or maybe even unknown Gen DAT clones. This was transferred by the taper in Oct. 2002 so it as close as you can get to being there. The performance is rock-solid & very intense... a precursor of what the future of Tool would bring to the masses of fans all over the world. This is one hell of a performance + an accurate capture of the band. Make note, there are many different rips of this source out there, some are better than others.
Notes - by: Ryan A: "Gay Paris"
Maynard’s voice is in great shape tonight. Lower in timbre and haunting. ‘Lie, Cheat and Steal’ howling through the Elysee Montmartre. He and Adam are carrying the show, the latter providing the weight in the sound by laying back on the downbeats. The Paris crowd is not very into Tool tonight and clearly waiting for Rage to take the stage. Paul takes a few shots at the crowd as a result. “I didn’t come all the way to Paris to sit on your asses and look bored.” I thought it was just a small crowd, but when Zach de la Rocha walks on stage for the middle of bottom, the small crowd becomes a thousand. Zach wakes them up, and Tool finishes the job by blistering through the end of Bottom. Another solid DAT recording from S.D. The analogue lineage results in some tape wash in the sound. It’s only noticeable in a few instances. And after listening to other ’92-’94 recordings, you’ll find these French shows to be an oasis.

Spoken Word on Bottom

by Zach de la Rocha of Rage Against the Machine

"I've grown to know you
Cuz you were tangled within myself
You had held my head straight to face you
And when I tried to twist in the words that try and tear you away
But you got my eyes
And I got your genes
You got my skin
And I voice your screams
I've fallen to a dark room
And I can't find the bottom
I panicked and I gnashed my teeth and flailed
Still I can't find the bottom
Would there someone to tell me
That this isn't what it seems
Cuz now I got your eyes
And son you'll voice my screams
I'm shamelesss now
I'm nameless now ...

Time: 45:10
Setlist / Quote:

 Maynard: "Hi. We're Tool. We're not from here."
Paul: "Gay Par

Cold & Ugly

Paul: "I didn't come all the way to Paris for you to sit on your asses and look bored."


Paul: "This song ... this song is called Sober, it's dedicated to Greg."


Maynard: "This song is called Prison Sex. Figure it out."

Prison Sex

"This song is called Undertow. It's the title track from our latest release. Go buy it so my rent's paid."


Maynard: "Rog, we're gonna need the spare mic for this one buddy."
Paul: "This is our last song and then, you can fucking blow me."