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Notes: There are numerous, I mean numerous rips of this source out there. Some are better than others, others simply are not very good. For some reason or another this floated around a lot on analog in the mid 1990s. No kidding, this is a stellar performance. And with that I bid you good luck! Unlike other sources of this show, this has been recently remastered by the original taper in September of 2002. There is not a layer of fuzz & is exceptionally clear. Nice performance & interesting crowd reaction to Tool this night. Also, this show has recently been confused as 09.09.93; which it obviously is not. I think that this is one of the most interesting recordings around as far as the 'feeling' of the night. A little odd and quite intense. I don't know, can't explain it. Check out the quotes below -- you be the judge. There is something that I find very unique about this particular performance. Is it just Tool? Well, there is a reason but I am interested to hear what someone else has to say about it before I write what I think.... well?
Notes: by - Ryan A:
Was I asleep when I first listened to this show? This one is a monster. It's possibly the best recording of S.D.'s '93 French shows, and one the top 3 Undertow tour performances. For their 2nd night at Elysee Montmartre and the last night warming up for Rage ATM, Tool pulled out an aggressive setlist and exploded it. Every song is played with such a force and razor sharp edge, it feels like they could just drive right off the end into the audience and keep going. I'm quite sure I would have needed a second pair of pants had I been at the Elysee Montmartre on the night of September 10, 1993. And it was received much better by the audience tonight than it was the night before. Appreciative cheers all around. But there is this one guy who came to both shows and enjoyed blowing a referee's whistle between and during songs. Leave your tooting at home bud. Oh and did Danny have his 2nd bass drum tonight? It sounds like no, or that the pedal broke at some point. It's most noticeable during the fill at the beginning of Hush and the breakdown in Crawl Away ("This is love.").

Time: 36:10

Setlist / Quote:

MJK: "Blah blah blah."


MJK: "Open my skin, let the sickness in. Open my mouth, to let the sickness out. I open my skin, to let the sickness in. I open my mouth, to let the sickness out."
Paul: "This is Sober."

Crawl Away

Paul: "How you doing? OK?"
MJK: "This song's about not being able to think for yourselves. It's called Opiate."


Paul: "This is our ... this is our last song."
MJK: "We'd like to thank Rage Against the Machine and Green Apple Quickstep. It's our last show with these people. Treat them well."
Paul: "Thanks Roger."