DAT --- Aiwa CM-30 > Sony TCD-D7 > Analog transfer > Maxell cassette
DAT:    ANA-M > DAT-1 @ 48 kHz
CD:       DAT-M > ANA-1 > 1G CD
Taper:   S.D.
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The source info basically means that the taper recorded this show on DAT and transferred it to cassette via an analog line. The DAT was re-used for another show I assume thus no DAT master exists.
Very nice sounding recording but this might be one of the few SD recordings of Tool that the levels were up slightly too high, that's about it. The sound is quite good but the level was pushed just a little bit too hot. However, just imagine it. France, 1993. Tool is basically an unknown band with a cloudy future. A taper in France just tapes & tapes almost all the leg of that tour - with a DAT, nonetheless. Maynard's eyes scream as the energy blasts out of the speakers at extremely loud decibels. You either look back or you look away. I wonder what the taper did - looked forward. Just a good recording, all around. There are various different rips of this show going around though as some are not sourced from the master.
Notes: by - Ryan A: Tonight is the last show of the í93 French tour. Or is it? Before Prison Sex, MJ announces that they are playing again someplace (in France) the next night. So, it looks like there may be at least one hole in our current knowledge of the French tour. Or maybe MJ is just high and making shit up.   The levels are a little hot on this one, as the Gaspcdz wrote. Just a bit. Not much. Itís especially noticeable in Jerk-Off. And the sound is a little more distant than S.D.ís other recordings. Usually heís right in front of a stack. Tonight I think heís standing back a little way. Otherwise itís another sweet S.D. DAT recording. As Sober begins, Iím reminded of the pro-shot video of this song (incomplete) that appeared on youtube recently. Maynard with his pants pulled down around his thighs, penis between his legs Silence of the Lambs style, convulsing to the music. It gives you a perfect picture of the intensity of these Undertow shows. This is the Nardo I miss. The unblinking, puppet dancing, penis tucked between the legs, all into the music Nardo. Now it's the wine schlepping, movie star wannabe, "my vagina is so sensitive to your cigarettes" Nardo.






Time: 46:59
Time: 45:10
Setlist / Quotes:


Paul: "Yeah there we go."
MJK: "This song is called Undertow ... Undertow .... Undertow.


Paul: "This song is called Sober."


MJK: "We're playing again some place tomorrow. Not sure where, but uh come anyway. Figure it out. This song's called Prison Sex. It's a love song and it's for you."

Prison Sex
Swamp Song

MJK: "Hey are you guys having too much fun? Goddamnit stop having fun. No fun."
Paul: "Shhhh."
MJ: "This song is called Opiate."
Paul: "Shhh. You have to be quiet though. Shhhh. Shut up! Shhh. No fun."
MJ: "Stop having fun."
Paul: "This song is called Opiate."


MJK: "This is our last song. Thank you very much. Fishbone is up next. Fishbone."