DAT --- Schoeps MK4 > CMC4 > Panasonic SV25 (modified) > EAC > SHN
Gen:     1st from Master
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Notes: All known copied circulate in native SHN format. Interesting recording. Strange that this recording did not surface until late 2003/early 2004 as it could have been considered, perhaps, one the best sounding Lollapalooza recordings out there. Where has it been for this long? At any rate, there are some difficulties with the sound. The right channel seems to sort of phase in and out of balance with the other a few times. In other words, the right channel was simply cutting out as the taper was recording and is throughout the show. This is a quasi-annoying. Had the taper put this to disc & kept only the left channel then copied it onto the right, the recording may have turned out a little bit nicer and no one would have known. However, there is no sense in editing or changing something like that unless one feels a strong need to do so. There is a fair amount of taping by friends of the taper, the taper himself and random people around the taper. Audible, but not terrible. However, the actual audio quality of the recording makes up for any and all flaws in the recording process, in my opinion. People did not really spend a lot of time or money to record Tool back in the day during these Lolla gigs but this recording shows that some actually did. Very nice. This recording should and will most likely end up in everyone's collection... as it should, this is a great capture of Tool. Simple as that.

Please Note - following information provided by Ryan A:

1) The venue for this show is actually the JFK Stadium "Pit." The actual stadium was torn down the year before and it was decided to have the Lollapalooza show in the hole that was left. Apparently it was dirty, dusty and hot, but the show was nonetheless great.
2) Tool performed on the main stage after Rage Against The Machine on the second leg of the tour. This is notable because at this Philadelphia show, Rage staged their infamous naked duct tape protest. To protest the conservative censorship by the PMRC (Parents Music Resource Center), the members of Rage stood on stage naked and still for 25 minutes without playing any songs, to a constant background barrage of feedback. Each band member had duct tape across his mouth and a letter scrawled on his chest, spelling out 'PMRC.'
The taper had a long list of master DATs from the 80s and 90s, and buried in there was the 7.18.93 master. He didn't have any other Tool masters unfortunately even though he said he went to about 5 Lollas that year, and even taped Alice in Chains and Chilli Peppers from the 7.12.93 Stanhope show. He has retired from taping and trading now (does not want his name or email out there at all). So that is why it circulates as it does in shn. The correct gen is DAT master > cdr-0 > cdr-1 > EAC > mkw software > SHN. He extracted the show from DAT onto disc for himself, copied the disc for me (giving me a cdr-1 copy), I extracted that to my hard-drive and converted into shn.

Maynardism: "This is a love song, goes out to A.D."

Time: 39:40

Part of Me
Prison Sex