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Note - written in Oct. 2002: As of now, Oct. 1st, 2002, this show along with 06.11.93 & 09.29.93 are extremely rare. I know of about 5 people who have them but that will definitely change very soon. Which it quickly has. I must point out that Per Christian Stoltz's good thinking made it all possible due to his questioning with the taper. Before now, these shows have not been released - ever. The same guy taped almost all of the 1993 gigs; amazing how one guy's hobby of recording can benefit so many other fans, isn't it? I'd buy the taper a beer, if possible.
Note - written in July 2004: This is a very common recording as it should be. I mean this in a good way. Good recording with a stellar performance. Nothing more to say at this time. Maybe more about this show in a few more years... if nothing else, this is a recording that will either make you respect Tool's music more or will turn you off to them forever.
Note: Absolutely beautiful sound clarity. There's something very special about hearing Tool as an opening band. The drum-role, feedback & yelling from (maybe) 20 drunk Frenchmen then the opening moments of Intolerance. Nothing like it. Superb recording, levels are, well, perfect. There is a few instances where close crowd noise by taper is prevalent. I wish that people in 2002 could get the quality recording as this taper did back in 1993. Yeah, a lot has to do with the type of venue & whatnot but still. Not much more to say is there?
Notes by - Ryan A: So we continue on the bizarrely long tour of France in the fall of 1993. Sixteen shows across the country in one month. From the opening Intolerance, you realize Danny's drums are mic'd up well. The toms are rich and clear and the snare is gunshot blasting – a sound consistent across and distinctive to these ’93 French shows. The mix tonight is one of the best of the French shows as well. And I don’t know, this could be the best sounding of Stephane’s ’93 recordings. My mind has changed about 5 times on that one. But it’s goddamned powerful.  Mother of fuck, Jerk-Off is madness and the clear highlight of the show. “DIEEEEE!!!” is shit-your-pants powerful. Danny and Paul smash and crash the song to a big ending, though even this is anti-climactic after that scream. Danny is really banging it here tonight. His fills are extra-crisp and fierce and he’s all over the downbeats and accents. It’s hard to find much fault in these French recordings. They are must-to-be-having-in-my-collection type shows. And again, Paul introduces a song (Prison Sex) by insulting the crowd: “This song is called French People Suck.” MJ chimes in, “Especially the ones that smoke.” Yet another in a long line of Maynard's grievances about the smoking in French concert venues. Another note regarding the between-song banter: the reference Maynard makes before Undertow means 'big white fish.' There is a Lac Grand Poisson Blanc (Big White Fish Lake) in Quebec. Not sure if he was referring to that, or maybe just a random reference to a meal of white fish he may have had recently.


Time: 46:43
Setlist / Quote:



Paul: "In case you didn't know, we are Tool from Los Angeles, California."

MJK (in a heavy French accent): "Better known as 'grand poisson blanc.' Big white fish. Big white fish."



Paul: "This song is called Sober."



MJK: "This is a love song."

Crawl Away


MJK: "You're drunk."

Paul: "This song is called 'French People Suck.' I think you'll like it."

MJK: "Especially ones that smoke."

Prison Sex


MJK (as in a bleating sheep): "Baaahh. Baaaah. Baaaah. Mehhh."



Paul: "This is our last song, thanks a lot. This song is called Jerk-Off. It's for Ant."