Source C:
Analog --- Realistic mic > Sony WM-F2097
Taper: P. Bullock
Transfer: ANA(M) > MD(1) > Unknown Transfer to PC > Wav > Audacity > Wav > FLAC (align, verify, lvl8)
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes: Analog master thrown out; mini disc backup now serves as master. Transferred November 06 by taper, compiled by jadg2/James.
Notes:  Surprisingly clean source. Out of the three sources confirmed to exist (of audience recordings, there is a video clip of Sober (edited) floating around with SBD audio - but Sober only) this is by far the best for overall audio quality. Yes, the vocals are somewhat buried in swishing cymbals mixed with bass-heavy distorted guitar, however, this adds something charming to this creation that was pretty much completely void of trader or collector interaction for the past 13 years (up to 2006 that is). For the record, this is not the "unknown analog" source that has been in collections for years nor another VHS or DVD > CD transfer. Also, if one were to take a listen to sources A or B they would be less than impressed with those. If you are a fan of relatively clean analog recordings of Tool at, as some  believe, their best... this is highly recommended.

Maynardism: "Wake up, hippies. Hi, we're the Grateful Dead & it's 1970"


Time: 31:00