DAT --- Aiwa CM30 > Sony TCD-D7
DAT:    DAT-1 > Digital Clone-2
CD:      Master > CD (Sept. 2002)
Taper:  S.D.
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Note - written in Oct, 2002:
As of  Oct. 1st, 2002, this show along with 06.11.93 & 10.01.93 are extremely rare. I know of about 5 people who have them but that will definitely change very soon. It should be recognized that Per CLS good thinking regarding an old-school taper which may've been the catalyst for this recording ever making the light of day.  Before now, these shows have not been released - ever. The same guy taped almost all of the 1993 gigs; amazing how one guy's hobby of recording can benefit so many other fans, isn't it? I'd buy the taper a beer, if possible. About two years later, July 2004, this show is a common recording & it is a good thing; hell of a gig. Nothing else to say I believe. If you would believe it, the taper held onto this show because he did not think it was worth trading out. Huh. That is why it was so rare for so long. Very tight performance, sound is excellent. The only 'complaint' I could possibly have, after searching this excellent recording is that Maynard's vocals get drowned out a few times. But that is just me being a pretentious fuck, trying to find flaws. This sounds better than most 2001 & 2002 USA tour MD or DAT recordings. In my opinion.
Notes: by - Ryan A: Most people will like this show very much because of the clear DAT sound. And it is good, no doubt, but this one didn't grab me. Something about the show is lacking in comparison to other Undertow shows. I think it's the energy. Everyone is playing well and sounding good, but the set comes across a little stale. It's pretty clear the taper was standing right in front of the stack by Adam because the audience is minimal to none, the guitar is dominating everything (though the drums come through well), and Maynard can't be heard well at all

Time: 47:35

Paul - "What the fuck you looking at?"
Maynard - "Good morning"

Flood (Intro)

Maynard - "We're Tool. We're from Los Angeles California"


Paul - "This Song is called Sober"


Maynard "You awake yet?"

Prison Sex
Swamp Song

Maynard -
"In English?  Sorry, we can't understand. Ignorant Americans. Sorry. I've  been ignorant now for about 29 years..."


Maynard- "This is the last song, then we'll leave you alone. Thank you very much for your patience. "

Jerk Off

Maynard - "Stick around for Fishbone. Tomorrow Fisbone and Tool are playing Caen, come and see us."