Unknown Video Recording Equipment
Transfer:  VHS > DVD
DVDTransfer: ?G > VHS > S-Video > Plextor PX-AV100U > U-Lead DVD > DVD 
(transfer: Galen 2005)
CD Transfer:   ?G > VHS > L & R RCA > Audiophile 2496 > WAV (transfer: Galen 2005)
Image from DVD: Here

Notes: Highly suggest you take a look at the image from the DVD as that will clarify the overall video quality of this recording. Extremely dark. But if you look closely, this is not a VHS source that has been cloned numerous times, this is actually a reltaviely low gen. Taking a conservative estimate, 2G or 3G. Another reason why this is a low gen, I presume, is because of it's rarity. As of early 2005, take a look around, this video is not out there yet. It should be & it will for the people that will respect it & enjoy it. I only verified the date/location a few months ago. Very odd, the entire video image from the recording moves from left > right as the VHS/DVD is playing. It seems that there are 3 relatively likely explanations: 1) master is like this 2) bad video>transfer dub or 3) something messed the tape. Normally I would assume that a bad dub of the VHS tape sometime in the 1990's would be to blame but I have received 2 different copies of this same recording source from 2 completely different traders over the span of 8 years... both copies were messed up. So, other than that I do not have an explanation. As such, this DVD is most likely for severe video enthusiasts only. There are a couple reasons why this would be a worthwhile addition to your collection though. This is the last night of Tool's most important year of their then 'new' career what with a wonderful stint on Lollapalooza & successful European tours playing with bands like Green Apple Quickstep, Rage Against the Machine, Fishbone & even opening for Morrissey... just kidding on that last one. There are no other sources for this performance & it is on video. This recording's audio quality is actually better than the video quality. For a video & for a video that looks as poor as this does, the audio is quite good thus my justification for putting this to CD as well.

Paul: "I want to know who puked on my jacket, fucking loser."
MJK: "This song is about completing circles" <Prison Sex>
Paul: "This song is about the swamp song, about doing drugs."
Paul: "This is our encore, we just don't leave the stage."




Time: 57:52

Crawl Away
Prison Sex
Swamp Song
Jerk Off