Unknown Analog --- Unknown Microphone > Unknown Analog Recording
Transfer: Sony TC-WE425 > Audiophile 24/96 (analog) > Soundforge 6.0 > WAV (transferred by GSP, 2009)
2nd Gen cassette 
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Notes: This particular recording I have updated approximately 5 separate times since 2000. That said, this will be the last modification to this entry unless the taper of this show, somehow, rears his head. I ascertained the actual 2nd Gen Cassette of this recording from a fella from the Great White North (not Canada - Alaska, USA)... we can refer him to as Ballz. Ballz is an old, old school taper (i.e.: he taped 6/23/1993) & collector who can legitimately refer to himself as OGT. Not that he would want too. But he could, quite a bit different than many of Tool collectors or tapers. As it is, this is actually a phenomenal recording, particularly for the era as to when this was recorded. Even during exceptional loud portions of sound there is no brickwall. Absolutely, a stellar performance by Tool. Now, there were (perhaps still are) some incomplete recordings of this source/performance floating around collections (so watch out) -- they start with Sweat.

Time: 60:54

The "Taper" (presumably, w/background music): 'It is, April 19, 1993 - we're at One Step Beyond in Santa Clara, CA & you are about to hear - Tool'
Spanish Announcer: '<(unintelligible)... Tool!'
Paul: 'Ladies & gentlemen don't be alarmed if you smell smoke, jus sit tight & wait for God'
MJK: 'So that band ahead of us was called Failure they have an album out called Comfort available on Slash records but some of you won't be able to find it because it doesn't come out on 8-track. I'll give you sometime to figure that out for yourself... Danny, telephone'

Cold & Ugly
(Rush intro)

MJK: 'Saturday was my Birthday, I'm 29 years old - old enough to be your father... but I'm pretty sure I'm not cuz I'm fucking gay'


MJK: 'This is the 5th time we played this place, thank God you guys finally showed up'


MJK: 'Anyone familiar with Al Rosen? Al Rosen? No? He's Ken's boyfriend'

Prison Sex

MJK: 'Let me lick your dove'
Paul: 'Santa Clara, we've played here 5 times & we still haven't seen anyone of your fucking houses...'

Swamp Song

Paul: 'Tonight, we're going to do our encore right here without leaving'
MJK: 'Instead of us leaving, bang, here's the encore... it's his mom & my girlfriend, wait I'm gay anyway...'

(tape flip during long intro)

MJK: 'Goodbye'