Unknown Analog Recording Equipment
Source: Transferred to CD by Galen - Dec. 2002
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Notes: Really, until Dec. 2002, this has been a pretty rare gig. Interesting performance by the band. They come ontostage with a mess of feedback as Adam & Paul play the opening riffs of Cold & Ugly. Then they stop for a minute as Maynard does a rather long speech before they play the gig...the first quote below. The performance itself is very raw but yet polished just the same - lots of energy & vigor. Maynard talks quite a bit during this show, perhaps because they are the headlines -as he mentioned. There is a little layer of crowd noise & a tiny bit of tape noise. I converted this using Dolby B technology & equalizing the recording to minimize loss of highs + lows but alleviation of tape noise. I think Tool knew this was the last gig of 1993 as it seems to me that they gave it everything they had to jam this one out. This version of Prison Sex will blow you away. Adam just jams the intro riff for a minute or so as Dan kicks out a slower drum-kick. Maynard points out a person in the audience & commands them to get into the cage ((a cage by the speaker that random people would go into)). Maynard would then sing Prison Sex directly into the caged-person's face. Now...that is psychotherapy!!! All in all, this is really a genuine find as it fills in at least one shade of the live chronology of Tool. One last thing, there are a few sporadic little sound drop-outs every once in a while but that is how the recording is.

"Hi - we're Tool, we're from Los Angeles, CA and we have one mission & that is to make the world a better  place to live in. So, what I'd like you to do now, I want you, you completely intellectually-inept Beavis & Butthead lovers, I want you to turn to those punk-rock haircut dudes & you punk-rock haircut dudes I want you to try be happy, savvy, fucking, dead-head hippie fucks, I want you all to give each other a big sloppy kiss& say 'I forgive you for being a fucking idiot! Thank you, goodnight...so you want us to play? We're the headliners so shut-up.'."
"Ok...hey, Alistair - we are having problems with people coming up to the stage & un-plugging shit. That's kind of a problem because we are here to play some songs...whatever. You can come up, you know, and stand. Don't make those 80's guys beat you up - because they will."
"Are you people on crack? Well, you should be - there's no excuse for this behavior. I imagine we are the people  responsible for this chaos, right? This is a love song - it goes out to the person that put ecstasy in my cola."
"Are you having any fun without hurting anyone?"
"We need a volunteer...you! Get in the cage! This is what happens to people who are cooperative. This is a love song." <Prison Sex>
"Ok -- we probably should have done this earlier but I suppose it's not too late; we need to take a thumb count,  we need to make sure that everybody has thumbs. So, we'll use a lot of really big words tonight but I'd hate to have you go away tonight from here, thinking you didn't understand them. So, if you can just raise them up so we can  make sure you are an evolved human. You are? He said he saw a couple missing. Those aren't thumbs, those  bootleggers(?) -- yeah."

Time: 71:18


Cold & Ugly
<false start>
Cold & Ugly
4 degrees
Prison Sex
<with extended intro>
Crawl Away
<long intro>
<crowd cheering>