February 4, 1993

Opening for:
Rage Against The Machine

Source Information:
Sound Board > Digital Transfer > DAT-2 @ 48 khz
INCORRECT Source Information: SBD > TCD7 > DAT Master > Oade 7 pin > Delta Dio 2496 > Wav > CD Wave > FLAC Frontend > Flac
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes - 02/2008: A brief history; in 2003 someone torrented a few SBDs. The SBDs in question were floating around kind of under-the-table between people. However, some confused + generally jealous personality disordered folks manipulated basically a pawn (i.e.: the uploader) to spread these claiming a more or less "war on the elitists". Now, this is strange for a number of reasons including the fact that there is no shadowy-underground world of Tool collectors, tapers & elitists that sit in ivory towers stroking their collection of rare Tool material. If you think about it, that's a strange fantasy on a myriad of levels. Regardless, a few of these SBDs were torrented with fabricated source information, lineage & history - that is how most people attained them. This has led to some confusion in regards to the torrented 6/9/93 (note: 6/9/1993 did not take place, no known sources) & this 2/4/93. I, myself, have the non-torrented (i.e.: correct) discs to conclusively determine what is what. So, the following set is correct for this performance (listed below with Maynardisms). The torrented sound board also has the same set list. This, believe it or not the SBD 'correct date or not' has been an issue for some time. Now, it should be solved. If only it were that easy. I think the issue of confusion had a lot to do with some people just mislabeling this 2/4/1993 source & the 6/9/1993 source. Since both were torrented at the same time it makes sense that people, somewhere, got confused. Geordy, a collector, happened to have the original torrents from years ago & those torrents were correct. Human error, on the other hand, is a completely different thing.

   Time: 45:37 (torrents)
Time: 45:54 (actual)


       MJK: "Hi. We're TOOL. We're from Los Angeles."
Paul: "Shut up. Shut the fuck up and sit down."
MJK: "Hep. Hep. Hep."
Paul: "Hey."

 Cold & Ugly
(Passage to Bangkok intro)

Paul: (off-mic) "Matt. Will you give me two pieces of duct tape, please?"
Danny: (off-mic)"One, Two, Three, Four!"


Paul: "This song... is called Sober."


MJK: "We want to wish our friend Dogma a happy birthday. Not really sure when it is. Could be next year for all I know. Happy Birthday."
Paul: "This... this song is dedicated to Rick Smith, our tour manager who... is... beautiful. We love him."

Prison Sex

Danny: (off-mic) "These towels smell like shit."
MJK: "This song's about butt-fucking. Zzzack!"


MJK: "This song is about a... this song's about a two-thousand year old Arabian folk-tale involving a thief that someone nailed to a stick in the middle of a garbage dump... Ever since then it's been real difficult to find a decent meal on Sunday & we're kind of angry about it."
"Just kidding."


MJK: "Goodnight!"