February 10, 1993

Opening for:
Rage Against The Machine

Sound Board > Analog Cables > Cassette-2
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Gen: ANA-2
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Notes: This is sourced from a cassette w/o DAT lineage associated to it. It is broken up, roughly, half on Side A at the end of a different performance with the other half being at the beginning of Side B of the tape. However, there is definite differences in the audio quality. It is unclear if Side A + Side B are the same performance or from a different show all-together. The information simply states "Feb 2 - Luxor". With no other information to go on, it is what it is. If this was/is the same set then Tool seemed to be in a rushed & hurried tone. There are no interactions with the crowd which is kind of odd for this time-period of the live performances' of Tool. Also, looking at the time of the recording this must be incomplete by at least 1-2 songs.

Time: 32:43


(cut partially @ start)
Part Of Me
Jerk Off