June 4, 1993

Opening for:
Rage Against The Machine

Sound Board > Analog Cables > Cassette-M > DAT-2 @ 32 KHZ
Sound Engineer
Gen: DAT-2
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Notes: So, you ever wonder is it possible to make a stop in Amsterdam & not get stoned? Of course not - you have to be it a full-day layover or an afternoon out to explore the culture(?) of Amsterdam. For musicians performing, apparently, they also enjoy partaking in the local loose laws; at least Tool did in 1993. Now, the performance is good & solid as per usual, however, you can tell that they were not "all" there. MJK flubbed some lines on Intolerance, Adam was a little messy on some solos, Danny was solid as was Paul but there definitely is more of a dazed feel to this recording + performance. Now, this is nothing I would consider to be bad in any capacity, in fact, it just makes it seem a little bit more interesting.

Time: 39:24


Cold & Ugly
(cut about a minute in)

MJK: Hi, we're Tool, we're from Los Angeles & we all are really stoned.


MJK: This is a love song, it's called Prison Sex.

Prison Sex

MJK + Paul: Bhaaah, maaah, maaah


MJK: This songs about two thousand year old Arabian folk tales.