June 20, 1993

Second Stage

Sound Board > Analog Cables > Cassette-M > DAT-2 @ 32 KHZ
Sound Engineer
Gen: DAT-2
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Notes: One thing about the earlier recordings of Tool is that, sometimes, the relationship between Paul + MJK seems almost palatable. I suppose you could listen to the banter on this recording & think they are messing around + having a grand old time on stage together mocking the audience but if you combine other instances of them interacting you can tell that with two dynamic personalities, only one could actually win. And we know who prevailed. Great recording & almost complete. Stellar capture.

Time: 45:43


(cut about 39 secs in)

Paul: Hello all you little alternative rockers - you all look very stylish today.


MJK: Is it really Fathers Day? What was I thinking?
Paul: This song is called Sober.
MJK: The rest of you can stop guessing.


MJK: This song goes out to my father for Fathers Day, who influenced me since I was a young child; it's called Prison Sex. Dad, you're an asshole.

Prison Sex

Paul: Shut up no one cares about hippies & they never will.
MJK: Keep it up we're gonna align your shakras, hippy!


MJK: Enough of the butt-fucking songs, let's get onto the one's that talk about drugs.


Paul: Just kidding.
MJK: Ever listen to Joni Mitchell? I do, this is a song about the time I listened to every one of Joni Mitchell's albums on some really good acid.


MJK: Flood... Flood... Flood.
Paul: When we're done you guys really gotta stick around & see Killl Sybil or you'll lose they are a really awesome band.


MJK: Baaah, maaah...
Paul: This one is called Opiate.