June 25, 1993

Second Stage

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Notes: Something rather interesting about this performance is that it seems like Paul is the only person trying to acknowledge the "industry suit" who was on the side of the stage. Rumor has it that the rep for their label asked to speak to the band after the show so Tool met with him. D'Amour apparently started talking about the direction of the band in a manner that did not strike at least one other band member correctly & that individual walked off as "words were said". The rep did not get his questions asked & thought the band would be over within a year. Obviously, he was wrong, however almost 2 years later D'Amour was terminated from Tool or he left Tool on his own (depending on who you ask) and was replaced by Justin Chancellor. Real strong performance; MJK almost strained his throat towards the end of the scream on Jerk-Off. Wow, that guy could hold a note loud - back in the day. 

Time: 36:36


 MJK: That wasn't Tim, that was Marky-Mark. Shut-up.

Cold & Ugly

Paul: Hello my little alternative nation, just like fuckin' Woodstock isn't it? You guys all love each other don't you, you really -
MJK: You fuckers don't even know how to spell Woodstock, shut the fuck up. By the way, that's Tim from Rage Against The Machine.
Paul: Let me tell you kids something about Woodstock it was a verhhy verhenn & the outside & in thie evernnmm - right!?!?
MJK: You all right?


Paul: This is Sober.


Paul: This song is dedicated to my little buddy Gorby who is the best little dancer in the world.
MJK: It's a love song called Prison Sex...

Prison Sex

Paul: It's kinda like being at a Beach Boys concert or something.
MJK: maah, baah, maah, baah.


Paul: And this song is called Jerk Off. For your information. He also works for the record company.

Jerk Off

MJK: Good night!