June 26, 1993

Second Stage

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Sound Engineer
Gen: DAT-2
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Notes: Do you know where you were in 1993? I was in high school - working at Dairy Queen in my hometown as a cook. I was not at this show but for man y reasons, this is one of cu.org's personal favorite Tool SBD recordings. Here, it is all about energy. Skill. Precision. This particular version of Bottom is enough to move the back of your head in a forward>back motion without you even be cognizant of this phenomena. De LeRocha's spoken word piece gives the song more depth than the MJK verse & w/o a doubt the Rollins version. For those paying attention to set lists by Tool during this time period you will notice that the 2nd half of the short set (Sweat > Swamp Song > Bottom) is rather unique. They did not do this set list more than maybe 2-3 times. And starting off with Hush? That would be stepping out of the box completely for anything from the 21st Century as far as set lists go. Strong performance & great recording w/no issues which makes this a rather magnificent  gem among precious stones.

Time: 43:05


 MJK: Settle down. We're not really gonna play anything, we're just going to stand here for a while so fuck you.
Paul: Cool! More jocks with punk rock hair cuts.
MJK: You ok Gregg? We're Tool, we're from Los Angeles. These are a bunch of punk rock songs we wrote.


MJK: Ready, right on time let's go... let's go... (off-microphone)
Dan: 1-2-3-4


Paul: This is Sober

Prison Sex

MJK: Sweat (off-mic)
Dan: 1-2-3-4


MJK: Huh?

Swamp Song

Paul: This is Bottom

Spoken word on Bottom (with Zack DeLa Rocha):

I've grown to know you, as you are tangled within myself
You held my head straight to face you, though I twisted & winced to try to tear you away
But you got my eyes, and I got your genes
And you got my skin, and I voice your screams
I'm thrown, falling through a dark-room, and I can't find the Bottom
I panic, I nash my teeth & flail still I can't find the Bottom
Only there, someone could tell me that this isn't what it seems
Now I got your eyes, and son you'll voice my screams
((((with MJK)))
And I'm shameless now
Cuz I'm nameless now
And I'm no one now
Cuz I'm nothing now
My soul must be iron
Cuz my fear is naked
I'm naked and fearless
And my fear is naked
I'm dead inside
I'm dead inside
I'm dead inside
Nameless now, shameless now, nothing now, no one now
Shit adds up, Shit adds up, Shit adds up, Shit adds up, Shit adds up
You see me naked now, fearless now, naked now, fearless now
Shit adds up, shit adds up
It leaves me dead inside, dead inside, dead inside, dead inside

MJK: Zack DeLa Rocha. This is our last song.

Jerk Off