July 2, 1993

Second Stage

Sound Board > Analog Cables > Cassette-M > DAT-2 @ 32 KHZ
Sound Engineer
Gen: DAT-2
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Notes: I think this performance may very well go down for the most talking by MJK and/or Paul during this era... hmm... maybe not as memory serves there are at least a few with more from 1993, the last few shows in Dec 1993 come to mind... Anyway. Definitely interesting to hear MJK & Paul essentially verbally assault their audience. You know how roger Waters built a Wall for Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' tour where, piece by piece, the Wall came down? It was almost as if Tool were doing the same thing in a more non-literal manner? Yeah, ok, either you think I am A) nuts, B) confused which one Pink is or C) completely off the mark I ask you this: Why were they so combative in many early performances? Why does MJK (even in the Lateralus & 10K Days era <i.e.: "thumb counting", mocking of audience, "think for yourself speech > ending in joke about not repeating what other people say">) every once in a while diss the fan base? I think the answer is somewhere around the fact that we all build our own walls around whatever it is we perceive based on our expectations of a situations. I knew I would get the $ from my Masters degree program to be helpful for something other than employment... There is a moderately sever technical issue at the end to discuss. The cassette was very warbly at the end of the performance as, during Jerk Off, for those who remember tape warble, well, this is it. Ugh, it is such a shame as well but this is how it is on all copies; each & every one. It is on the DAT it is sourced from & presumably on the master cassette it is sourced from. There is no way to fix such a thing. Thankfully, though, it was not pervasive throughout the recording, now, that would be a problem.
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Time: 41:20


Tim from Rage Against The Machine: Just a second, I got something to say... He collected small samples of pubic hair, in a tobacco tin & used human bones to prop up his fence.
Paul: What are you?
MJK: Ladies & gentlemen, Marky Mark.
Paul: Shut up & go smoke some hacky-sack.
MJK: Hi, we're Tool, we're from Los Angeles we have one mission & that's to make
this place a better place to live. So, all you, third generation, stinkin'-fuckin'-neo-hippies, turn to those mosh-head-fuckin'-athletic-jock-punk-rock haircut dudes & give each other a big sloppy kiss for me, all right? And say, say to each guy "I forgive you for being a fucking idiot". Go ahead.


MJK: Last time we played in Chicago, we played with a band called Asphalt Ballet - that makes us very, very metal.


MJK: Sorry we weren't quite what you expected if you want us to leave, we'll go now.


MJK: Fuck you I won't do what you tell me.

Prison Sex

MJK: Men, screaming my name, what the fuck?

Jerk Off

Paul: Good-bye.