July 5, 1993

Second Stage

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Gen: DAT-2
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Notes: In so far as a Tool show can get to be 'relaxed', well, this would probably be it. Yes, they are playing their asses off as they deliver the Good Lord's Work one spoonful at a time but there is a laid-back feel that is hard to really convey into words. It seems there is no "rush" at all to the performance - sort of like they have all the time in the world. A quick little blues tune during/after MJK serenades Tim from RATM? Sure, why not? No problem, mon. Hearing Cold & Ugly prior to Intolerance (both two of cu.org's personal favorites) is always a treat; both are hard-hitting but yet interesting complex songs full of dynamic energy, synergy & of course depth. Depth, something that is lacking in at least 90% of music out there. Depth, something that is overflowing in 100% of music by Tool. And that, my friend, is a simple fact. As far as technical issues go, Flood is cut & w/a 75% psychic probability rating (saw it in some green tea this very morning) that Jerk-Off was performed but it is missing. One more thing, this is one of those recordings that gives evidence to the presumption of inner-band personality-clashes between MJK & Paul (please refer to quote after Intolerance - there is not a hint of jest in that tone - remember, within each joke is a kernel of meaning). For a bonus point, please define what passive-agressive behavior looks like. Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Time: 34:02


Tim (Rage Against The Machine): Give it up for Maynard, can we get Maynard out here?
MJK: Hi, we're Led Zeppelin.
Paul: This song is called Free Bird.

Cold & Ugly

MJK: This is Foggy Mountain. I'd like to thank my friend Tim, Timmy C, from Rage Against The Machine for coming out & announcing us. Tim, Timmy C. If you would like to help me now it's his Birthday so I would like to sing Happy Birthday to him. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Timmy, Happy Birthday to you... That was one song now this is another.


MJK: Our bass player's picks say 'rock star' on them isn't that pretty gay?
Paul: This is Sober


MJK: This is a love song, it's called Prison Sex.

Prison Sex

MJK: Maah, maah, baah, mhaah
Paul: Bah - hey, this isn't a Van Halen concert. This song is called Opiate.


(incomplete/cut at end)