July 6, 1993

Second Stage

Sound Board > Analog Cables > Cassette-M > DAT-2 @ 32 KHZ
Sound Engineer
Gen: DAT-2
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Notes: This recording is quite incomplete as it is definitely missing at least 3-4 songs, however, there are no known audience recordings from this performance known to exist nor is there any information on this performance. Too bad, it seemed like a blistering show as the band was talkative & made some amusing comments. Cu.org estimates this to be the most "incomplete" of the boards known. But, it is interesting... This is, I believe, the first known "thumb count" in history (there could be earlier "thumb count" calls-out but cu.org does not know of any) but, surprisingly, it was not MJK (who later made this a cultural phenomena in the early bit of the 21st Century) but Paul. Interesting. Really, it goes back to Bill Hicks who asked his audiences about thumb counts back in the late 1980's. Tool (MJK & Paul more to than Adam & Danny) befriended Bill Hicks prior to this meeting as both were familiar with his take on reality, paradigm shifting & the finer etiquette of pissing off US conservatives. Technically, this is flawed - flawed like a dirty, red-headed step-child - as there are sporadic instances of uneven sounds, tape warble at beginning & some static in the right channel at the end of the recording.

Time: 24:42


 Tim/RATM: Tool: Adam, Danny, Paul, Maynard... Tool.
Paul: That was Tim & he was really creative. Hey, let's have a thumb count before we start oh I don't see all of them. Those of you that don't have them, don't be jealous, they will grow. This is our first time in Tennesse we are happy to be here, although, it looks exactly like the last place we were at so...
MJK: With less thumbs.
Paul: I'm sure it's all right because we're here.


Paul: Can someone turn the lights down a little bit?
MJK: Who farted?

Part Of Me

Paul: This song is called Sober.

Prison Sex