July 13, 1993

Second Stage

Sound Board > Analog Cables > Cassette-M > DAT-2 @ 32 KHZ
Sound Engineer
Gen: DAT-2
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes: The first song in the set, like many from this era of the boards, has some technical issues with panning & has something best described as a "muffled" texture to the sound. Starts out in the right channel, fluctuates to others. Gets bad, gets ok then it is just fine. Of particular interest is something cu.org has not noticed on many other versions of Bottom... a delay on MJK's vocals through layers of silence interspersed with the dum-dum-daaah-dum of the bass, snare & kick drum. Interesting. This performance was the last that Tool would perform as a Second Stage act as they replaced Babes In Toyland on the main stage for the next date: 07/16/1993.

Time: 41:44


  MJK: For my next trick...
Paul: All right.
((sounds like he is strumming the intro to Maynard's Dick / softly))
MJK: This will be the last night that our uh guitar roadies will be with us, uh, he's getting a bus ticket home for fucking with our hotel room last night. Say good-bye to Skip.


Paul: What the fuck are you people yelling? This song is called Sober.


Paul: You guys eating dust? Don't feel bad so are we.
MJK: This is a love song.

Crawl Away
Swamp Song

Paul: This song is called Bottom.


(interesting vocal effects)

Jerk Off

Paul: Bye.
Announcer: Check check. Just to let you know, Tool has tee shirts for sale just over here on the right side. That's it, thanks a lot.