July 20, 1993

Main Stage

Sound Board > Digital > DAT-2 @ 45 KH8
Sound Engineer
Gen: DAT-2
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Notes: Complete but relatively short performance by Tool. There are no technical issues, the setlist itself is interesting & this serves as a testament to the talent that this band possessed so early in their career. Being recorded at 48KHZ & non-analogue - you can hear a difference. In fact, I cannot think of another band that delivered such power & clarity while making unique, complex & layered music in a live setting. It really is remarkable, you must admit (although if you are not a Tool connoisseur & disagree why waste your time reading this?). The band seemed to be kind of going through the motions. More professional than inspired, perhaps? As it is, this recording, somehow, was mislabeled as 07/21/1993 PA show but it is definitely not that. Just a note, strangely, there is not a "Burgettstown, PA" board - however - there are selected live tracks available on the Prison Sex vinyl LP which means that there is a board out there somewhere - probably next to every Tool recording. I heard once that one of the band members has recordings from every performance pulled from the board and/or matrixed w/SBD + AUD. Interesting!?! 

Time: 35:46


  Paul: Hi, we're Tool from Los Angeles, CA.


Paul: You guys doing all right? This is Sober.

Prison Sex

MJK: This one's for Marcus.

Swamp Song

Paul: See ya.