July 23, 1993

Main Stage

Sound Board > Analog Cables > Cassette-M > DAT-2 @ 32 KHZ
INCORRECT Source Information: SBD > TCD7 > DAT Master > Oade 7 pin > Delta Dio 2496 > Wav > CD Wave > FLAC Frontend > Flac
Sound Engineer
Gen: DAT-2
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Notes: This very decent recording was torrented back in, um, 2004 & since then has been sold, reproduced, spread on MP3/FLAC/OGG, spread or shared w/o source information & has become mislabeled, of course. This is what happens when boards like this are so openly shared. And it is a shame. The fact is, people generally do not care about gems like this as is evident by the treatment of this recording as mentioned above (oh, and not just this recording but Tool SBD's in general). Sure, human beings are inherently good - except for the "other" who has two faces, eh? I really do not think people can handle certain things as the other side of human nature tends to creep up every once in a while doesn't it? As is it, the setlist itself for this performance is short, yes, but check out how sweetly Crawl Away, Sweat & Undertow go together so well... Excellent stuff. It really is. 

Time: 32:42



Paul: "Reserved seating - what a bore. This song is called Sober."

Crawl Away

Paul: "You've been a kind and courteous audience. This is our last song. It's called Jerk-Off."