July 24, 1993

Main Stage

Sound Board > Analog Cables > Cassette-M > DAT-2 @ 32 KHZ
Sound Engineer
Gen: DAT-2
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Notes: This is a rather interesting if not incomplete recording. At this point of the tour, Tool apparently has only ~35 mins for the performance of their own set as the next band needs to be on about 15 minutes after they end to meet curfew. Strong performance as was the norm. Something that makes this stand out is the steady level of the instruments whereas MJK's voice, particularly during Intolerance, seems to fluctuate and pan from one side to the next. Although the setlist was clearly not a departure from the 'Lolla as per usual' it, nonetheless, is testament to the authenticity of the music. As a note, cu.org finds it interesting that this particular recording is not as widespread as the 07/23/1993 - this is because, years ago when someone made CD copies of the 07/23/1993 & gave it to a few people, the 07/24/1993 show was on it as well. So, what gives? Could it be that some people who hanker for this illusive concept of a 'complete' collection of rarities actually had/have this but sat on it themselves while trying to use the fact that they have it as some form of leverage between other collectors, tapers &/or fans of the music? Uh, yeah, maybe that is what I am saying...

Time: 31:10

Cold & Ugly
(98% incomplete, only snippet at end)


 Paul: I wanna talk about this & the blah blah & the outside of the revolution to the zham & dah dah - right on! This song is called Sober.


MJK: This is a love song, called Prison Sex - goes out to Dawn Muller - that's you.

Prison Sex

Paul: This song is called Opiate

Jerk Off