August 7, 1993

Main Stage

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Gen: DAT-2
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Notes: Ah, the last date of Lollapalooza. After about 6 weeks of touring America in the Summer of 1993, Tool finally reached the last date. What did they learn about themselves, about American culture, about their relationship to music & nature as a whole? The world may never know but one thing that is evident is the prevalence of hats in Paul D'Amour's collection. This recording captures 3 guest stars: Brad Wilkes of Rage Against The Machine pretending to play bass guitar, the drummer from Love Jones on Opiate & Zack De LaRocha guest-vocals on Bottom. Not too shabby. This is without a doubt one of the best, most active, most illicit & fired-up performances. Period, this is not tossed around loosely! From this era, this performance would have to go down as being one of the best. Great setlist & a flawless, perfect capture of it. Now, this particularly recording is one of those that has been sort of floating around - chances are (ironically the same probability of catching the "clap") that you know someone in possession of this recording. Maybe, maybe not - suppose it depends on who 'you' are, eh? Classic capture of a somewhat legendary performance. 

Time: 40:52

 MJK: Keep it down out there, we're trying to make songs here.
Paul: I have plenty of hats already.


Paul: How you doing? You look like you are really fuckin' bored or something - it can't be that bad?
MJK: Hey! That's Adam.

 Cold & Ugly

Paul: Ladies & gentlemen, the drummer from Rage Against the Machine, Brad Wilkes, on bass guitar.
MJK: But seriously, this song is called Sober.


Paul: A little rock n roll magic.

Swamp Song

Paul: Thank you very little.
MJK: A little special guest here.
Paul: From the greatest lounge band ever, the Love Jones.
MJK: For me? Thanks!


(w/hand drum/bongo solo)

Spoken word on Bottom (with Zack DeLa Rocha):

I've grown to know you, you are too entangled within myself.
And you held my head straight to face shit,
so I twist with the wrist & try to tear you away
But you are not my eyes, and I've got your genes
I got your skin
And I voice your screams
Falling, falling in a dark room & I can't find the Bottom
I panic & mash my teeth & I flay - I can't find the Bottom
Somewhere air,
Someway to tell me where they need to run the streets
But you are not my eyes and
soon you will voice my screams

((with MJK))
I'm shameless now, I'm nameless now, I'm no one now,
I'm nothing now
But my soul must be iron, cause my fear is naked
I'm naked & fearless now & my fear is naked.
Dead inside, dead inside

Jerk Off