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Notes: The recording of 08.06.93 is one of the most highly spread set on manufactured bootlegs of Tool. The performance is very good & the sound is simply excellent. However, finding a quality copy is another thing in and of itself, many of these are spread on MP3 from the days of Napster. There are tons & tons of MP3 sourced copies of this floating around. There is no verified source re: where, exactly, this bootleg came from. After about 4-5 of receiving MP3 or TAO or some other random issue with this disc in various trades, a good copy finally materialized. If you do not have this disc, you should. Not only does it have soundboard performances but also has the original demo by the band. The performance from Irwindale was also released as a silver disc in the form of 'Tales From The Darkside w/a slightly different variation of songs: click here. This is, most likely, sourced originally from a Westwood Broadcast. As it is, it is unclear what company released "Sleep Forever". There are no verified silver discs out as of late 2004.
Note: All this recording is - is a Tales From The Darkside bootleg with the added 91 demos by Tool. The demos are
not even a good rip to CD. They seem to not be as nice sounding as the verified silver-disc 1G master>cassette

Time: 64:23


Irwindale, CA, USA @ Santa Fe Dam - 08.06.93
01. Undertow
02. Sober
03. Opiate
04. Flood
05. Prison Sex
06. Jerk Off

Dronten, The Netherlands @ Lowlands Festival - 08.29.93
07. Prison Sex
08. Bottom

Original 1991 Demo Tape
09. Sober
10. Jerk Off
11. Cold & Ugly
12. Part Of Me
13. Sweat
14. Crawl Away