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Excellent quality for such an old and previously unknown source. The instruments all are exceptionally clear, the bass has a natural sound that really thumps & gets you. I bet that many people would think that this is actually sourced from a DAT rather than from a cassette as the overall quality is actually that good. However, the vocals sometimes come to the edge and perhaps even go over the edge & sort of bleeds or saturates, just a little. But if one would let that little issue stand in the way of an overall tight recording for the time period & circumstances, then, too bad - you are missing out. Although the crowd is quite annoying, sounds like the taper's friends are tripping on acid or 'shrooms & they enjoy talking about this-and-that, the conversations sort of give this recording an even more live feeling. At least to me. Overall, this is definitely a recording to go for, enjoy & spend a good time listening to. The first time I listened to this recording, I actually busted out laughing... see, the taper says that all he wants to hear is 'Jerk-Off'. He mentions this a few times. Then, right at the end, Adam starts playing 'Jerk-Off', the taper is like "yes!" & then they stop & say "out of time". The taper cannot believe it. So very, very amusing.

"Hi we're Tool, we're from Los Angeles.This song is called Undertow, it's for Layla Laurie. It's for you. For you."
"Careful, you'll put someone's eye out."
"This is a love song, it's called Prison Sex."

Zack DeLa Rocha of Rage Against The Machine, spoken word on Bottom:
   You've grown to know me, and I'll tangle within myself
You've held my head straight to face you,
                    Though I fail the test of what you try to tell me
 You've got my skin, and I've got your genes
            You got my eyes, and I've voiced your screams
   Flow, falling through a dark room, and I can't find the bottom
       I panic, and I mash my teeth and flail - still I can't find the bottom
   And all the while, someone could tell me
                      That this isn't what this life seems
 I got your eyes, and soon you'll voice my screams
 Shameless now ***
 I'm nameless now ***
 I'm nothing now ***
   I'm no one now ***
 My soul must be iron ***
Cuz my fear is naked ***
I'm naked and fearless and my... and my fear is naked! ***
*** = with MJK

Time: 35:38


Prison Sex
(Zack De La Rocha)