Recorded: 07.16.93
Air-Date:  07.23.93

MTV Headbanger's Ball
Source: VHS-1 > S-Video > Plextor PX-AV100U > U-Lead DVD > DVD  (transfer: Galen 2005)
Image from DVD: Here
Image from DVD: Here

Every Saturday night in the early 1990's, there was a wonderful show called "Headbanger's Ball", hosted by Riki Rachtman, that highlighted the heaviest, most intense and popular hard-rock bands in the current music scene. I was turned on to many bands such as Warrior Soul, Faster Pussycat, Love/Hate, Rage Against The Machine, Alice In Chains & Screaming Trees (among others) from this program. I remember that I always thought Riki was very, very cool -until he cut his hair. Anyway. This episode of Headbanger's Ball was taped from the Waterloo Village in New Jersey as part of the 3-day Lollapalooza stay & features interviews with Alice In Chains, Fishbone & Danny + MJK of Tool. The entire episode of this was not taped; just the beginning of the program to the Tool part & everything in-between including commercials. Now, I have a feeling that some people will roll their eyes & say "you lie" but I honest-to-God remember watching this episode when I was younger while on MTV. Although I the interviews with Tool + Alice In Chains were blurry before I re-watched this (Note: Stayley looks really, really doped out of his mind) I do remember Riki talking to a guy who created artwork for Alice In Chains song "Rooster". This does feature about 20 seconds of Tool performing but this is really interesting to watch for the content & the situation of where Tool & some of there comrades 'are' at this time in 1993. Highly recommended. 

Maynardism / Interview w/Riki Rachtman:
"That was the first time my pictures ever been taken."
"They open for us"
(when asked who plays first, Tool or RATM)
"Uhh... Hi mom"

Time: 34:20


Riki Rachtman - walk around lolla
Alice In Chains (interview)
White Zombie - "Thunder Kiss 65" (video)
Interview w/AIC artist
Primus (interview)
Alive In Chains -  "What the Hell Have I?" (video premiere)
Cadlebox - "You" (video)
MJK + Tom Morello (interview)
Rage Against The Machine - "Take The Power Back" / LIVE / cut
Tool - "Prison Sex" / LIVE / cut
MJK + Danny + Antoine (Fishbone) - (interview)
Tool - "Sober" (video)