Subculture Magazine
Source: Volume 1, #2 / September, 1993
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Notes: Hopefully, you will find this little article from SC magazine, now-defunct. Not going to comment on this little interview too much other than the fact that the "writer" put in/took out comments & words from MJK. This is apparent, especially in the last paragraph. In my opinion, MJK basically was his often charming self to a this interviewer. The writer then 'retaliated' to make up for his embarrassment. All in all though, this is worth a read & if you take it in the context of 1993 this is pretty cool. Enjoy.  I would also like to thank that crazy guy who hooked me up with this unique & original magazine. The files are huge & depending on your connection may take a minute or so to open.




Interview with Maynard
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