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Unspecified Recording Equipment
Source A:
1 Gen VHS > DVD > Soundforge 6.0 > CD (audio rip by Galen: 2004)
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Notes: Shot from the SBD on a tripod that does not move nor focus, this is a rather interesting capture of Tool. Since the camera is 100% stationary, I suppose that it could be considered to be less than exciting than, say, a video that focuses & goes for the intense angels. However, it is doubtful that this recording was ever to make the light of day as this was purportedly attained from the sound-engineer a number of years ago. I have come across other random trade-lists that have this but out of the hundreds I have seen, there are maybe 3 that I can think of. One site reports to offering to sell this recording, which I do not understand why. There is a layer of digital-static that is most noticeable during the beginning of the disc which does not get any better but goes away. This is simply how the audio sounds on the master... not bad but it would be easy to understand why some people would think that this was do to an unclean transfer. It is assumed that the microphones of the video just could not handle the SPL's coming from the PA. You can hear a little bit of tape wobble as well. This is odd as the video itself is rather clean & clear. There is no warbling or anything like that, this is an issue with the audio. However and for some reason, the odd digital-noise goes away from Prison Sex until the middle of Opiate and then comes back.
Notes: This particular date, 02.07.94, has been floating around with an inaccurate show attached for a very longtime. Now, this -is- the performance from this date. One place where people get tripped up is that Tool played in Atlanta only 2 months later & that show was also recorded. Thus, over time the latter show was confused for both dates & this performance was not released. All in all, this is a rather confusing recording but this is -definitely- the 02.07.94 show as Paul says "this is the first night of our tour" before Sweat, which is referred to as 'free bird'..

"Hi, we're Tool. We're from Los Angeles as luck would be."
"So, um, we're from California so we lots of, um, really interesting natural disasters and, um, I was kind of
curious...  does Atlanta have any natural disasters other than, um, Christians? Is that an answer?
"See the PA right there? Get right in front of it."
"I'm not saying anything, look, I've been singing all night. This is all recorded. Turn off the tape!"

Time: 72:21


Cold & Ugly
Prison Sex
Swamp Song
4 degrees
Part of Me