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Notes: This show is unconfirmed. This may actually be 04.15.94 but there is no documentation of this. There is no real telling for how long this has been mis-labeled. Almost all traders and other individuals have this source labeled as the above date, 04.11.94 & even just 'Power Tools'.  No one, at this time, is sure of where this came from nor is sure of source info. Too bad, this is a good recording. So, please take note. Hicks died later than Feb. 94. Unless Maynard is psychic, this is evidence that the date is wrong. The audio for this show has been found on the Tools Power commercial silver-disc bootleg. Unfortunately, no other source information other than that has surfaced. The sound is surprisingly good although  there is a fair amount of crowd banter. This is one of those shows that has been MP3'd to high heaven, that should be noted when understanding this source so watch it. The recording I have now is TAO but is not from MP3. I have not seen any DAO versions floating around though...

Maynardism: "Are any of you familiar with the works of Bill Hicks? Bill Hicks is a comedian...very, very  funny & talented man. About a month ago, he died of pancreatic cancer - a great loss. He was a good friend & a wonderful person. I suggest you look for his tapes, if you are into comedy at all; he has a tape out called Dangerous & a tape out called Relentless. His name's Bill Hicks...do yourself a favor, very up-lifting man."

Time: 72:79

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