DAT - Soundman OKM-II > Casio DA-R100 / 32kHz
(master DAT destroyed, back-up at 44.1 kHz)
DAT:     DAT-1 > Digital Clone-2
CD:       DAT-1 > CD (transfer by Per: 2005)
Taper:   Anonymous
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Notes - Recording: Simply put, this recording is, in my opinion, the best overall from this year. Especially when you consider that this was taped at 32 kHz originally, quite an achievement. Dare I say that the "yeah" at the end of Undertow & the stunning version of Led Zeppelin's "No Quarter" that merges into a twisting, writhing schizophrenic-mess of "Disgustipated" verge on the borders of beautiful & haunting? Think so. The clarity, quality & intense feelings evoked when listening to this wonderful recording may allow you to imagine yourself in a dark, smoky & hot room in Berlin, Germany watching a band perform not for thousands of screaming fans but a few folks who wandered into the locale to be, possibly, forever changed. Tool seemed to be in the joking and somewhat pessimistic mood that was common in this era but there also seems to be something different about the vibe of this show. The meticulous + professional performances of the bands staple-material sound as good, if not better, than the recorded works of Undertow. As for the CD transfer, there are some random pops every once in a while which are not on the DAT clone I have but those insignificant issues pale in comparison to this stellar recording. Highly recommended? No - this is a definitive recording for any Tool fan.
Notes - Per:  Per put in an absolutely obscene amount of work in regards to hunting this + the other 3 Tool recordings from this taper down. These recordings would quite possibly never, ever have been known to exist had it not been for his innate skill in hunting sources-down. After everything, he then shared these with collectors thereby severely limiting any amount of trades he may get out of them. Although all of these shows are now common in the trade circle, please let it be known that it is to his credit that these recordings are even in your collection. Remember that what comes around, goes around - next time you receive something 'cool' shoot Per a line flintstone5@hotmail.com to offer to trade or just send it to him.

Maynardism: "I hate Americans"
Maynardism: "Apparently, we are Tool and this is another song."
Maynardism: "If you ask me very nicely, maybe we'll do it & get it done.
Maynardism: "Never, never take acid in Berlin."





Time: 65:23

Cold & Ugly
Prison Sex
No Quarter
Swamp Song