"Rock Children"

Unknown Analog Recording Equipment  Cassette > CD (transfer by Galen in 1998)
Source:  Cassette > CD (transfer by Galen in 1998)
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Notes: For the record and to clear up questions about this recording, it would be best if I explained it from the start. Back in the mid-late 1990's, I was trading/buying stuff from a trader whom I had met via the Goldmine. This person had some interesting stuff as he was a taper of many bands. The recorded results are mediocre at best or at worst. Was trading & causally asked if he had ever taped Tool, said yes & sent me this with a trade. Recording was not fantastic or wonderful as it was taped from the outside, during a rainstorm for a festival with other bands. After that, I do not know what happened to the taper. I am fairly sure that this recording was re-ripped to audio from cassette by yours truly in 1998 & traded out to people. You may be able to tell as there is a fade in on 4* on the version I altered (that is where a tape flip was). Retrospectively, I should have pressed him on what he used to record the show but in 1998, I did not think that it would matter too much to me. If I remember correctly, it was with a Sony deck (D3) & some ECM microphones.  This is the last show of the Spring 94 tour, and it is at a festival. Alice In Chains front man Layne Stayley (RIP) does a stunning duet with Maynard on Opiate. There are track transitions on this recording as are there weird microphone & rain issues. All in all, I thoroughly enjoy this recording but would recommend it to a collector who actually listens to their Tool shows rather than someone who just wants to hear a Tool show from this era. And, as a final comment at least by me at this point, 10/04, this also floats around as "Rock Children", a name taken from Paul's initial comment.. cheesy, yes, I know, and I apologize for that.

"Hello my children of rock. You must really, really like us" (Paul)
"What exactly does this mean? What?"
"This is the last night of the tour"
"Why are you pouring water on these kids? They are fucking soaked. So, uh, after the show, we're gonna have a moustache-camera contest, that's a moustache-camera contest in the back, so all you young boys with too much macho energy can show up back there. I'm going to be honest with you, ok? I think, uh, this entire world revolves and honesty and taking risks so I'm just going to go ahead & do that. If it was raining someplace & you were there, I wouldn't pay money to come & see you".
"We have a guest. We have Ned the Bull here. This is Ned Ryerson, Needle nosed Ned Ryerson. Let me give you a little word of advice: if you see this guy with a gun, don't go near him"
(speaking to & about Layne Stayley)

Time: 65:55

Cold & Ugly
Prison Sex
Swamp Song

(fade-out -- tape switch, most likely)
4 degrees
(first 3/4 of song missing -- tape switch, most likely)