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Notes: Very good analog recording. It is surprising that analog tapers managed such high quality recordings, such as this one, over a decade ago that many Mini Disc tapers simply cannot even get up to? Some DAT tapers as well. Of course this depends on a myriad of variables but the point is still evident, not globally, but at times. The band was performing at the yearly "Buzzfest" Festival in Cleveland, OH - main stage along with many other groups. Tool performed very well this evening and the crowd seemed to be pretty good for being a festival one. Suppose the taper was fairly close to the stacks as, overall, the sound is quite tasty with some great captures of the band. The taper seemed to be more relaxed then anal about taping as there is a bit of microphone movement and talking by people near the taper. All in all, this is a good recording of a good show.

Maynardism: "Anybody ever heard of Ravenna, OH? I would've graduated from there in '82 but a spaceship came down & abducted me. Saved my life. I moved to the thriving metropolis of Scottsville, MI."

Time: 72:56

Cold & Ugly

Prison Sex
Swamp Song
4 degrees