Analog --- Aiwa CM-30 > Toshiba Walkman
Taper:   Bubzdaddy
Gen:      2nd from Master
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Notes: For quite a while, this was an extremely rare recording and even at this point it is still rather rare. Not that it matters all that much, not a fantastic recording at all but interesting due to a variety of reasons.  Hmm, what's the best way to describe this one? The sound quality isn't bad -- esp. for being sourced from a cassette walkman/recorder. For that, it is pretty good. No brick-walling & decent levels. But on a professional level, it doesn't cut it. Par example; after MJK's quote on Jesus Lizard, the taper's friend turns to him & says "speaking of lizard's, my lizard's paralyzed". However, this recording is very funny with comments like that and some may find it even endearing. Also, for those who have been the State Theatre in Detroit, MI (I've been there about 30 or so times now), there are stairs connecting floor & GA seating. Well, the taper also walked up those as he taped. He's buying beer & talking to people...funny stuff. Although, he is missing Tool while he is doing this. But, for that simple reason, it makes collecting recordings that much more interesting. There is a story here, regarding myself & this show, but is not for this forum....maybe someday. This disc is in one long track. However, there are now split up versions (tracks) of this show that have errors on it which seem to be caused an odd transfer by the guy that came up with this gig.

Maynardism: "I don't know if you're aware of it or not but tonight, St. Andrews <hall>, Jesus Lizard's playing. So I'll try to make this as quick as possible so we can get over there & enjoy our favorite band. But, while we're all here, it'll be much better over there"

Time: 64:11
Cold & Ugly
 Prison Sex
 Swamp Song
 4 degrees
 Jerk Off