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Notes: Real, real nice presence in sound - crisp, sharp, loud, intense & dead-on. Tool is in superb form this night. On the other hand, it sort of sounds like the performance was just down to a -T- as nothing really experimental or very unique transpired. Not a whole lot of crowd interaction but that is actually fine, is it not? The crowd is a little more loud & vocal than in other recordings at this time; maybe it was a Friday or a Sat. night; they usually tend to be a little more out of control. However, this recording is as good if not better than any of the other Tool recordings that Stephane brought into the world. In the final analysis, the recording is tight, performance is tight. All in all...this recording is very nice, all around. I am almost positive that the audio for this was transferred to cassette then ripped to CD. There are at least two different audio rips from the same recording floating around. The CD version listed above is from a 12/2002 rip done by the master. So, it as good as it can be, isn't it?
Notes: by - Ryan A: This is one of my top 5 Undertow shows. The energy explodes out of this one. Tool dropped into a mammoth groove here and these Undertow songs just can't be performed better or with more weight than they are this night. Everyone is on. Check out the groove Danny lays down during the repetitions of "Lie, Cheat and Steal." An ape fan in the balcony keeps yelling "UGGH! MORE!" and sounds like a fucking ogre. Paul and Maynard have fun with him, and the band asks if he ("Thor / Lor") is in the audience at the Strasbourg show a week later. All hail S.D. for taping these French gigs, particularly this one.

Time: 66:18


Cold & Ugly


Paul: "Sorry Chris I have to tune up. Hi. What's he on?"



Paul: "Is it loud enough? Sorry."

MJK: "This is the title track off our latest release. It's called Undertow."



Paul: "This song is dedicated to the wildebeest. He's up there. It's called Sober." 


[referring to a fan who keeps yelling 'UGHH!' or 'MORE!']



MJK: "This is a love song. It goes out to Kevin Willis."

Prison Sex
Swamp Song


Paul: "Who's yelling for Prison Sex? We already played that, pay attention. John did I tell you today - yo momma. Joe's momma. It's a joke you wouldn't understand."


4 degrees


Paul: "This song is dedicated to Satan and Craig from Mars."



MJK: "Aye Aye. Kevin ... Kevin - MORE!"