Analog --- Unknown mics > Aiwa Handheld (taper did not remember what 'cheap mics he used)
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Notes: Surprise to you! This source/review is one of many 'Easter Eggs' kind-of-hidden on this website. Good luck finding more. This is listed as it is a known source to be in trade-circulation albeit very, very limited. At this point, besides anything that the band has, this is most likely the rarest 1994 gig known to exist. Truth is, I know of one person who has this recording & it is sort of a fluke that I have it. Although I have not spoken to this person in a few years, I was asked to just keep it to myself; so, I list it here sort of "hidden". I wonder who & when someone finds this page...  my site statistics will show when if need be. Take a listen to this recording, the sound is a little below average on this recording as the microphones take in only so much of sound at a given time so if a loud burst of highs occurs, that is the dominant sound. Boom-biff-muffle-muffle. Same thing as if a dominant burst of low-end occurs, that is the dominant sound that the recording captures. Boom-biff-muffle-muffle. In a sense, there is that little fluctuation throughout the recording. However, the sound is much better than one would think capable for using such limited technology (reportedly). This was just a little Aiwa cassette recorder with some little shitty microphones in a dirty, dingy club in Belgium on a near-Spring night - for that, this is worthwhile to hunt down. As such, this is a rather interesting listen as the performance is awesome, if nothing else. The taper did a good job taping it as there is very limited crowd chatter and there are no actual brickwall's. It's a shame that, if this was ever mass released, recordings like this end up pushed to the side of someone's collection.

"What's That smell? It's an interesting smell outside. Not a natural smell, it seems to me like you people have been working on that one. Smells like that don't just occur on their own."





Time: 71:40

Cold & Ugly
Prison Sex
Swamp Song
4 degrees