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Notes: This recording started off as a pretty rare show, as it floated around for quite a few years with little or no attention on it. Originally, from what I understand, this recording was found accidentally from a very old-school trader who happened upon this show by accident as it was on a cassette, after a Black Crowe's live recording. Interesting. Sound is a little muffled & a bit 'wavy' from crowd/taper movement.... all of the different frequencies hit the microphones as one big wave & they cannot really handle all the power. The recording has a very 'sonic' feel to it. But, older shows like this, one is to expect that sort of thing. In my opinion, this is really a gem. Powerful performance, very steady throughout & the guys seem to really be tearing it up. Maynard's vocals seem to be over-powered on occasions & the bass is very full. Track transitions have tiny inconsistencies but, oh well, hard to complain...isn't it? A recording is better than no recording. And, you can never hear enough Intolerance, can you? It is debated as to whether this is a complete set or not as well.

"Hup, hup, hup, hup...hiya hippies!"
"So, this is kinda like Woodstock but not really at all? Are any of you on acid? Cool..."





Time: 38:40

Cold & Ugly
Prison Sex
4 degrees