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Notes: Very nice. As far as I know, this is only one of the few times Tool ever went into a studio specifically to perform/jam & let it be recorded as an FM Broadcast. This is not for a concert nor from a festival but from a studio in The Netherlands. The audio quality is obviously superb & totally enough to make you yearn to be there - just watching Tool perform under such circumstances. I don't know, the context or situation itself is enough to warrant investigation, let alone this recording being from a FM Broadcast. However, it does appear to have either a slight FM background noise or a slight tape hiss. I think the tape hiss is most likely clue that someone taped this off of the radio when it was aired, waited a few years & ripped it to CD. And there you are... make a note here, this source is NOT MP3 or SHN or FLAC or whatever.
Notes: There are -multiple- let me repeat, multiple versions/rips of this show floating around. For one, I attained a copy of this on cassette in the late 1990's. In 2002/2003, this was re-broadcasted on FM & a better rip was attained. However, J.G. Fox from over the pond has another claim, which is as follows - all I can say is that this was & has been out for a long, long time but his new rip/version is without a doubt the best. Please note that the source info I have above is different than this other source information - there are alternate versions out there, cannot stress this enough.


Tool - 1994-03-05 - Hilversum, The Netherlands/VARA Radio, NOB Audiostudio 1 (flac)

Disc 1 of 1 (21:53):
01 Sober 05:29
02 4 Degrees 06:29
03 Intolerance 04:55
04 Prison Sex 05:07

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Comments:Recorded live at 'Jan-Douwe Kroeske's 2 Meter Sessie' for VARA Radio, NOB Audiostudio 1, Hilversum, The Netherlands,5 March 1994 In 1994 the '2 Meter Sessies' was a radio-only show, airing on Dutch VARA Radio and presented by Jan-Douwe Kroeske (height: 2 meter), where artists/bands could do a alternate live in-studio performance without audience. Tool chose to do a loud-louder-loudest performance (notice the amp-noise!)without any alterations. None of these tracks are officially released. In 1994 only 'Sober' was broadcasted. At that time of recording this session, there were no television broadcasts of the '2 Meter Sessies', so it's very plausible that this performance is not filmed. In 2001, Jan-Douwe Kroeske, now on Dutch Kink FM Radio, had to do some serious searching for the original DAT-recording after massive requests by Dutch Tool-adepts. This resulted in broadcasting the complete session twice; the first broadcast had some annoying radio station ID's that spoiled the track intros/outros, the second broadcast didn't have any radio station ID's. So the latter was used for these flac's.--
'to Rock!! for you' (Cherub Rock/Siamese Dream '93),


Time: 22:06

4 degrees
Prison Sex