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Notes: Not only is this the first show of 1994 but it also action-packed with guest vocalists. This show features Zack De La Rocha (Rage Against The Machine) on vocals during the soft-part of Bottom + Layne Stayley (Alice In Chains) singing back-up vocals on Opiate. Whew. Some people may want to know that the first two songs have sharp increases & decreases in volume that is a tad annoying but for a recording like this, it's no big deal. It seems that the taper was trying to make sure the levels weren't overloading or anything like that during the first few songs. There are also three very short cut-outs in the sound; like the microphones came out from the jack; during Intolerance & Sober it is most prevalent. The sound is surprisingly good, all around. For a recording from this area, hard to complain. This is definitely, definitely one of the most interesting, but short, Tool sets ever. Great stuff. Highly recommend. The recording is not an amazing capture & there very may well be speed issues that need correcting but it is as good as gold.




Time: 33:02

Prison Sex
<Zack De LaRocha>
Opiate  <Layne Stayley>

Zack De LaRocha of Rage Against The Machine, spoken word on Bottom:
I'm fully to you, cause you are tangled up within myself
                            You head straight with a vision, though I twist with the wrist
                                   & try to tear you away
                                       You are not my skin, and I got your genes
                                                You are my eyes, and I voice your scream

                      I'm floating, falling through a dark room and
                              I can't find the Bottom

                      I panic, I mash my teeth & flail
                             still I can't find the Bottom

                     If someone's there, then someone can tell me this isn't what it seems
                           You are not my eyes, and soon you will voice my screams
                                  I'm shameless now, I'm nameless now
                     Cause my fear is naked, I'm naked & fearless & my fear is naked.
                              Dead inside. Dead inside. Nameless now. Shameless now.
                                        Nothing now. No one now. Shit collects at the Bottom.